Project Portfolio

Our company is working on a wide variety of projects from both international and local clients. We work closely with international businesses to achieve our mission: to create wealth by helping our clients succeed in business in an era of globalization and changing values.

Reliability, Consistency and Honesty

SVE Group are an international company with a fully integrated team whose main goal is to help clients succeed in business.

Tax Optimization

Do not think that tax optimization is the evasion of fees, taxes and contributions to the relevant budgets. Of course, the easiest way is not to spend money to cut costs. But behind this comes administrative and criminal liability. It is much more profitable to reduce the amount of payments by legal methods.

Drone service

Simply order a drone for a hundred of use and on all European countries.

Our partners created an ICV Flight division in order to provide surveillance tools for our customers and to develop an offer in a fast growing sector.

Every telepilot can apply and we connect with customers all over Europe.